IEC 61158-5-26 Ed. 1.0 en:2019

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Industrial communication networks – Fieldbus specifications – Part 5-26: Application layer service definition – Type 26 elements
standard by International Electrotechnical Commission, 04/18/2019


IEC 61158-5-26:2019(E) specifies the structure and services of the IEC fieldbus Application Layer, in conformance with the OSI Basic Reference Model (see ISO/IEC 7498-1) and the OSI Application Layer Structure (see ISO/IEC 9545).FAL services and protocols are provided by FAL application-entities (AE) contained within the application processes. The FAL AE is composed of a set of object-oriented Application Service Elements (ASEs) and a Layer Management Entity (LME) that manages the AE. The ASEs provide communication services that operate on a set of related application process object (APO) classes. One of the FAL ASEs is a management ASE that provides a common set of services for the management of the instances of FAL classes.

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